Friday, December 23, 2011


5 Star Doll 5Star Doll Yoka (Old pink skin)

Item Information:
Item: 5Star Doll Yoka
Brand/Maker: 5 Star Doll
Skintone and Resin Type: Old pink skin
Included in sale: Head and body, random eyes and wig.

Item Description
I am re-listing my Yoka, as I am trying to raise funds for . I have removed her faceup, as it was damaged, there is no underlying damage, and she is ready for a new face. She does have some remaining faceup around her eyes and mouth, I will work on that. 

This item has no noticeable yellowing.
It was made in 2010
I am the first owner of this item.

Additional Images:

Payment Information
Price: $175 + shipping (Firm)

Payment Options: Paypal (balance)
Other Payment information: Payment must clear before I will ship. I will only hold for 24 hours. No Paypal fees for USA buyers, international buyers to pay Paypal fees.

Splits?: Yes with conditions 
Must have buyer for head and body. Head-$75, Body $100.

Trades?: No
Layaway?: Yes with conditions.
Maximum 3 months, must have positive feedback (eBay, DOA, Etsy, etc...). All payments are non refundable.
Shipping Information:
Item ships from: North Carolina, USA
I will ship the item 3-5 business days after receiving payment.
will ship internationally.
will not underdeclare an item if asked.
will not mark an item as a gift if asked.

Shipping Options: 
Prefer USPS, but I'm willing to ship Fedex or UPS.
require insurance.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Hello!

Its been a long time hasn't it? Yes it has! So long in fact that I had to double check and see what I posted last, so I would know where to catch up to!

Ok Lets start with an update on Pine... His order has been CANCELED. Ringdoll with MIA, and didn't send out orders for three, four? months, and Mint on Card (who I ordered through) offered to allow me to cancel. It was not an easy decision- and I angsted over it, but I was so worried about when/if he would show up that I knew that it was for the best. I went over to Winter (more on him in a sec) and had to tell him- and I nearly cried. I just picked him up and brought him over to my desk and let him watch me surf the web for a while.  The silver lining is that A) I used Winter's money towards a new doll (more on her in a minute too), and B) I contacted MoC and they will let me know when he comes in and I can still purchase him. So, hes just been postponed for a while, I guess...

Now, on to Winter. Winter came home to me in the first of the year- he got his body On February 9th, and I couldn't be happier with him! He was a bit stubborn at first, refusing to co-operate about how he should act, so I gave up trying to make him into who I wanted him to be, and now I just let him tell me who is is. I'll post a WIP character profiles and pic spam post later, so for now you get this:

I mentioned that I used Pine's money purchase another doll, that one became Daffie. Daffie (Daffodil) is a 5Start Doll Yoka in their old skin normal. Standing 44.5 cm tall, she's a slightly tall mini, but I wanted her character to be a very short young woman, and the sculpt fit. She's still playing hard to get with her character, but I think she'll grow into it- she certainly hasn't had the problems Winter has. She is more fun to sew for too- dresses and skirts and frill oh, my! She will be going off for a new faceup soon, since her default is chipping urgh.

OK, you will just have to wait until tomorrow to get pictures, Photobucket won't work right now and I'm headed to bed.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Like potato chips...

BJDs are very much like potato chips, you can't stop at just one. I'm now in the process of paying off my second doll. Unlike Pine who was bought new, this boy was bought second hand, and in pieces. Its funny, these two boys couldn't be more different in how I bought them! I think the new boy will be called Winter, but I'm not going to be 100% until I've seen him in person and gotten to know his personality. I want to stick with nature/ weather theme in the names for my dolls, but you know what they say, never say never.

Anyways of course you want to see pics, and I want to show you. BUT I only have seller pics right now, and since I haven't asked her for permission to use them, you'll just have to wait a bit.

Pine will probably be home late January at the earliest, but Winter's head should be here about early/mid January. His body... we'll see- its on a 12 week layaway, but that could change depending on how work goes. If I have good luck at work and make a bonus (or more) then it could be here sooner.

Pine has lots of eyes in the mail- hes going to be spoiled for choice! I think its like 4 or 5 pairs, and they're all for him. One pair may be too big for Pine, but they will be just right for Winter, but the wrong color. I just can't wait to have both of these guys home and to be able to see what works for them and play with them. I still don't have wigs or clothes for either one, but it will all come together soon enough. I think I'll have to make most of Pine's clothes, he's so darn skinny! Winter, thank goodness, it one of the most common sizes- oh thats right! I didn't tell just who Winter is! x.x;;;

VOLKS SWEET DREAM SCHOOL A!!!! Tada~ I got my first Volks! I just love the way the company connects with its owners (not really the way they treat them, sometimes, but the way they try to really connect with the owners). I can't wait to be able to take him to a Dolpa or something similar. Winter is actually a modded swd school a, and theres work yet to be done on him most likely, but I haven't even seen him in person yet, so I'll hold off any decisions yet.

yeah~ I should probably stop now before I really loose all my writing ability ~ This post has no logical organisation as it is...

I'll probably be wotking on the layout sometime soon to, so don't freak if you came back and everything looks odd.. it'll be fixed...eventually.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


So, if you read the personal side of my blog, then you know that I recently found a job- if you didn't read it there, then you know now!

And with the means to finally pay for a doll, well, I went ahead and put one on layaway. I chose to do that because I couldn't afford to pay the full balance right now, and the timing cam out that if I didn't order by Nov. 24th, I would have really been waiting a while. I went through Mint on Card, and they take preorders through a certain date, then submit it to the company, and then the company goes ahead and makes each doll to order. If I hadn't gone with the 24th order,  I have no idea when the next would have been, and I really didn't want to chance the wait~ as it is, I can't pay off the balance until next month, but the production time is at least 5 weeks, so I have time.

So.... Which doll is it?

Ringdoll Wagashi on a boy body!!!!
Yep, the doll I fell in love with at first sight! After seeing owner pics of her, I knew 100% for sure that I didn't want the girl body, so I ordered the boy body. I'll have a very pretty boy, but thats fine by me. So, pictures?
Sure! I yanked these all from Ringdoll, so I take no credit for them.
Bar for modesty. The boy body- long and lean.
The faceup he'll come with, minus the lower lashes and slightly more neutral lips. This is the picture that grabbed me the moment I saw it. I'll search for years and never find those beautiful eyes, they are sold out on Ringdoll now... 
In the pure normal skin tone, which is the one I ordered. The one right above is in the white skin tone. 

Right now I don't really feel like a "doll owner" I guess when I pay him off I'll really get impatient, but for now I'm just content to let time go by. I would like some sort of guesstimate as to how long production time will be, but hew, the order just went in.,.,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I fell in love

Remember how I said I was apt to change my mind about the type of doll I wanted at any point in time? Well- ha! I did it again- sort of. While perusing the Volks mini sized dolls (hey there are a heck of a lot more of them than I thought!) I found two very good "matches."

First, I did track down a website detailing the choices available in the Full Choice System (here). Wow what a lot of choices! I've had the hardest time deciding which head mold I love the most, but I've got plenty of time. A FCS doll is going to cost a hell of a lot more than just the base cost of the doll, I have to go to California to purchase this doll- unless I majorly luck out and somehow get into a NY dolpa to order one. New York is still quite a ways to go though! First must come the funds to get such a doll, so I'm just going to worry about that bridge when I come to it.

The second doll that I loved it Tsubaki- a genderless "angel" type Volks mini size doll. I loved "him" at first sight! Took my breath away... you have to see him yourself! Two major problems with Tsubaki 1) Tsubaki is a standard doll in ONE STORE in JAPAN. Yeah, nuff said. 2) Tsubaki is not Plum. Nope, this doll that I've been "creating" in my head for a very long time just doesn't quite match to what I see in Tsubaki.
    Tsubaki is quite affordable, if I could just get him- around high 300s, not bad for a Volks- in line with the price of the standard MSDs. I like him, I really do, but he's not my Plum... hmm

More of me just rambling hehe... Who knows what I will actually end up with. For now, I'm just trying to put my thoughts together...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why yes, I am posting back to back!

But I really wanted to take a moment and give this blog a bit more back story- one day (in the very distant future) there will be lots of entries, and those who wonder in should hopefully be able to get the full picture by just reading through, but for now....